Thoughts Are Not the Enemy - Everyone Thinks Are True


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Rachel Reed

I was excited to find this book. My thoughts dominate my attempts at mediation and I thought I might have found a solution. I listened to this book on audible. However, I am still left with the 'how to' question and it seemed to strongly advocate finding a meditation instructor to work out 'how to'. A bit disappointed... do I just sit and think (which would be easy) or not. I don't want to engage a 'guru' to sort this out for me.

J. Seiffertt

Packed with practical and clear information. Thought provoking as expected, took me ages to get through because I'm ridiculous and wanted to really focus and integrate each section before moving forward. Also took a loooong break early on in the book due to life. And I had to take notes, as usual. Need to re-read chapters 9-11 again soon.

As a disclaimer, this book is extremely useful to me as a meditation teacher and practitioner in this style, and I will likely read it many times as I have his previous book- but without having already considered most of the topics here, I'm not sure it would be super useful to, say, a beginning meditator or philosopher who hadn't started considering what awareness or consciousness meant, or who hadn't already had quite a few experiences in either meditation or contemplation in some way. Although starting here could give one quite a boost! ;) I suggest for beginning meditators or those who've done very focused or concentrated practices so far (trying for 'clear mind' or mantra only, returning to breath, visualization, etc), to first read "unlearning meditation," Jason's previous book on this style of meditation.

daniel stuart johnston

I loved this book. It was exactly what I was hoping for when I bought it. I would definitely recommend reading his previous book Unlearning Meditation first as it really addresses most of the remaining questions one might have after having read that and tried the approach yourself. No one can ever possibly fit every possible question and troubleshoot every aspect of your likely experience in one book and so this follow up does a fantastic job of addressing and guiding the reader through some of the inevitable pitfalls one might encounter. I really can't speak highly enough about Jason Siff's work. I credit it as being the primary reason I am still meditating today and have maintained a regular kind, gentle and effective practice for almost 7 years.