How The Practice of Pure Awareness Will Change Your Life


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Bhupinder Singh

After reading Reginald ray's The Awakening Body and touching enlightenment with the body, i had some questions. It's like he listened my call and decided to publish this book. If books were the jewellery , this book would be equal to diamond. If you have read author's earlier work and practiced somatic meditation, this book will provide you with more details, how ego functions and how we retract back to our habitual thinking patterns from the experiential body. Fasten your seats belt because this book will take you on the journey after which you will never be the same person you were before.

Don Annand

This is an interesting guide to a meditation practice with emphasis on posture and the physical body. The premise is that the body or soma knows best and we need to get in touch with it at a deep level. There are very specific detailed instructions on how to get and maintain the correct posture and maintain then contact with the body.

Greg Houston

The esoteric demystified and experientially accessible

If you could only read one book on meditation or the spiritual path in general, without contest, this is the book I would recommend. It could save you decades, perhaps lifetimes, of discerning and demystifying the essential teachings for awakening in the modern age. You will still need to invest decades of practice of course, but a tremendous amount of confusion will likely be circumvented by starting with this book.

In one sense this book is complete and in another it is merely a beginning. Either way I hope Reggie hangs around long enough to maybe demystify and make experientially accessible more of the vajrayana teachings such as on the four karmas, karmamudra, the eight logos and so forth.