Minding Closely: The Four Applications of Mindfulness


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John Lee

An open letter of sorts to any who are suffering as I suffered: I hope that my experience might lessen your suffering or wipe it away. Taking care of my mother before she died, wading moment by moment through the sorrow as she died before my eyes in hospice, I held dear the insights and techniques I gathered from this book. It aided me in my care-giving. I has aided me in the aftermath - plumbing the depths of my sorrow, examining it, working through it. It has helped me with the rest of my life, examining past relationships and understanding them better - gaining peace concerning them. It has helped me to understand better the relationships I have had with the various parts of myself...and, not to sound too pretentious, my Self and my non-self.

To any similarly afflicted, I wish that your heart's desire become manifest and bring you only contentment and fulfillment; may you be peaceful and happy, light in body and spirit; may you be safe, healthy and free from injury; may you be free from all afflictions, fear, anger and anxiety.


I'd give this about fourteen stars were that an option. Highly recommend.

Zolbayar Bayarsaikhan

Миний амьдралдаа уншиж байсан хамгийн хэрэгтэй номнуудын нэг байлаа!

Сургуулиа төгсөөд, гайгүй ажил хийгээд, гэр бүлтэй болоод, хүүхдүүдээ өсгөөд, санхүүгийн эрх чөлөөнд хүрээд,... гэх мэтээр амьдралаа эцсийг нь тултал хараад үзвэл ерөөс уйсах сэтгэл, ахуйн аахар шаахар асуудлаас цааш давуулж юмс үзэгдлийн, өөрийнхөө мөн чанарыг харах хүсэл төрдөг юм байна.

Доктор Аленд ч яг ийм сэтгэгдэл төрсний улмаас 70 -аад оноос эхлэн Буддын гүн ухаан, бясалгалыг судлах болжээ.