Living Beautifully: An Inspirational Journal by Pema Chödrön


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So much wisdom resides in this small book! I could read only a few paragraphs at a time, reflect, journal, and come back another day.
I’ve tried to read “beginner” Buddhism books many times. I couldn’t find clear direction for applying the commitments to real life.
This one does it! Chodron offers very readable, relatable illustrations for living the commitments.


A wonderful and comforting book for pretty much anybody. Chodron reminds us to stay present and be open; don't cling to your preconceived notions of anything. Breathe in suffering and pain, and out comfort and joy. Uncertainty is a welcome teacher. #bookworm #bookstagram #livingbeautifully

Michael J.

220923: this is applied buddhism. not having myself practiced ways instructed is the reason this is not five. for it is concise, direct, clear. as applied buddhism it is also psychology- through this Indic tradition. there are essential familiar themes, impermanence, flowing, non-self, non-grasping and so on, that recast our typical human aversion to the ambiguity of being human, that show we must embrace the world 'just as it is'...

we start with the usual three vows (commitments): 1, to not cause harm of any sort 2, to take care of each other 3) embrace the world 'just as it is'. in this way we will see those 'negative' terms of anxiety, groundlessness, uncertainty, are actually 'positive' for 'waking' us to our lives. the commitments become harder, more trying, as they progress, as we move from our own enlightenment to promising enlightenment to all sentient creatures. the third commitment may be the most difficult, as it talks about accepting all sides of experience, with vivid description of the channel house...