Living Beautifully: with Uncertainty and Change


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There is much to ponder and integrate in this little book. The three main themes are to committing to not cause harm, committing to take care of one another and committing to embrace the world just as it is. It's written in the context of living with uncertainty and change and this would be a good book to go to when our lives hit those bumps in the road.


So much wisdom resides in this small book! I could read only a few paragraphs at a time, reflect, journal, and come back another day.
I’ve tried to read “beginner” Buddhism books many times. I couldn’t find clear direction for applying the commitments to real life.
This one does it! Chodron offers very readable, relatable illustrations for living the commitments.

Joshunda Sanders

"The Tibetan word for warrior, paw for a male warrior or pawmo for a female warrior, means “the one who cultivates bravery.” As warriors in training, we cultivate the courage and flexibility to live with uncertainty — with the shaky, tender feeling of anxiety, of nothing to hold on to — and to dedicate our lives to making ourselves available to every person, in every situation."

I have been a Pema Chodron fan for many years now. The Buddhist nun’s work has been critical to my on-sometimes, off-sometimes (but not steadily on, thankfully) meditation practice. In Living Beautifully, Chodron writes with her trademark simplicity and directness about living with uncertainty, opening our hearts to transitions and pain through tonglen practice and learning that the “time of the lone wolf is over” and we cannot make any real changes to ourselves or the world on our own. I’m biased because I’m a Chodron fan, but this one is really great. It challenged me to work with being open, despite my inclination to judge my reactions to life and to close down emotions and feelings and to shut down to people who make me uncomfortable. The book is based on a series of talks, it comes with a mini-guide at the end to some of her other works, including Start Where You Are and When Things Fall Apart.

Michael J.

Look, it's impossible to not like Pema Chodron if you are someone who in interested in spiritual enlightenment. She is an American raised Buddhist who writes in the style anyone can understand and relate to. She's not overly "God" in her dialogue, and she's very down-to-earth. She's not out of touch with the realities of life.

This is NOT a self-help book. This is a self-AWARENESS book. It's about how to live with and accept the crap and the glory in life. It's how Buddhists make it through the day. It's practical and very, very helpful as a daily reminder of how you need to check your own s*&t in life and stop checking others.

A smart, packed-full slim volume that is ideal beside reading. Reminds us of what matters in this life.

This is one book you will NOT regret owning.