Breathe Through This - Mindfulness for Parents of Teenagers


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Lisa T

This is a must-read for parents of teens! Chock full of practical advice, this small but mighty book changed my perspective on both my teen and my role as a parent. I highly recommend her Sitting Still app as well. Reading this book helped me to understand the power of daily meditation and mindfulness.


I didn't feel there was enough practical information/advice. It's really more a collection of personal stories and discussions about how staying present can help navigate the rough waters of the teenage years. If you are new to mindfulness practice, I recommend a book or podcast that teaches the basics of mindfulness practice. If you are looking for advice about dealing with teens, I recommend something more practical. Mindfulness is most definitely one way to bring more peace and gratitude into your world (and your teen's if s/he is willing), but there just wasn't enough here for me to really sink my teeth into.


I have two teenagers and this book was a great reminder: the more we can calm ourselves and show compassion for ourselves as parents of what is happening emotionally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually the better able we are to be there for our children.