Be Grateful to Everyone - In-Depth Guide to Train Your Mind


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Hilary Whatley

This is a great guide to processing emotions in order to reach a state of loving kindness and compassion - regardless of your religion. It's very helpful when you're a sensitive person and prone to strong emotions. Bonus: the author is hilarious.

She talks about first starting where you are -- allowing yourself to practice self-compassion. Through kind thoughts and the use of the slogans, you can guide yourself into and through difficult emotions without self-blame, shame, or guilt, validate your feelings, and thus allow them to dissipate. After the difficult emotions have been processed, you can then access your loving heart which has innate wisdom ("Bodhicitta"). The trick is getting to that open heart.

The breathing technique is helpful. Chodron suggests breathing in the pain you feel, and breathing out love to all. I find it more helpful personally to visualize breathing in love and breathing out the pain, but I suppose it's whatever works for you, and what state of mind you are in. I also find it very useful to put all attention on the physical pain that accompanies painful emotions and objectively describe the sensations to myself (tight throat, aching chest, etc.). Combining that with the breathing really works like magic.

Carrie Huffman

Chodron offer interpretations of Buddhist teachings. Her ideas and insights are useful in combatting daily negativity that might take the form of indifference, jealousy, anger, etc. Her humility and humor makes her teachings down to Earth. I am glad she doesn't take on a holier than thou attitude by admitting the daily imperfections that she is facing. It's nice to know I'm not alone in this struggle and that even a well disciplined Buddhist nun struggles like I do. This is a good book to read if you're trying to break a habit or dealing with a person who is really challenging you.

Gene Bobker

I'm a fan.

Ekaterina Anguelova

Comprehensive and heart-warming

I first encountered Pema Chödrön 's teachings on lojong four years ago. I've read a number of Buddhist books since then and what drew me to her writing then is also what sets it apart from other similarly themed works until this very day. Whereas many of the teachings are harder to integrate into day to day life due to the barriers of translation, cultural relativism and terminology, Pema Chödrön 's recommendations are easy to work with. I love listening to her soft-spoken instructions peppered with jokes and anecdotes, they often leave me moved to tears, inspired and hopeful. Other teachings take time for synthesis and integration, hers change my state the moment I hear them. This stance, of course, is entirely subjective and others might not feel this material to be so transformative, but after years of having my nose in the pages, I am grateful to have found something that circumvents my brain and goes straight to the heart.