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Download A Free Hypnosis Script Sample


You can download your free hypnosis script 'Getting Over a Relationship' below and see the subtle, indirect hypnosis we use, and the quality of our products. All our scripts from our extensive hypnosis script library are professionally written, edited and designed. Uncommon Knowledge has been training hypnotherapists since 1998 and every hypnosis script gets the attention of 4 experience hypnotherapists.

Each hypnosis script contains:

  • a pre-session introduction to build rapport
  • vital information your client will want to know
  • subtle yet powerful reframes
  • indirect hypnotic techniques

The hypnosis scripts are structured to show rhythm and timing and embedded commands are highlighted.

To open the script in your browser, left click the link below, or to save it to your computer, right-click and choose 'Save As...'.

Download free hypnosis script

We hope that you will enjoy using your free hypnosis script, and that you will come back and buy more scripts from us in the future. Many hypnotherapists find our Growth Zone membership helpful.