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Overcome Driving Test Nerves With Hypnosis

Hypnosis is nature's optimum tool for gaining mastery over your own body and calming your mind


Is an upcoming driving test causing you stress, worry and sleepless nights?

Do you feel like however confident you are during lessons, nerves will get the better of you on test day?

No one likes tests and exams, but the driving test seems to create the most anxiety for many people.

It's not about conscious confidence

Despite the fact that you know you can drive, somehow it's impossible to feel confident about taking the actual driving test.

And of course, the more nervous you are, the more likely you are to actually make mistakes - so it's a Catch-22 situation.

Part of this fear comes from knowing that you have to concentrate. But it's difficult to be calm and focused when you're a bag of nerves.

If you are feeling very anxious about your test, it may be that your unconscious mind has become conditioned to respond that way through repeated imagining of things going wrong.


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The Trader's Mind - Hypnosis for Trading

Train your brain to moderate emotional responses that cause decision making errors when trading


You probably know about the times when your approach to trading has been emotional rather than rational. You've probably read the books about the great traders, and know you should stay calm.

But knowing is one thing, doing is another.

Managing your mind to manage your money

As Noel Whittaker the great financier said: "Becoming wealthy is not a matter of how much you earn, who your parents are, or what you do... it is a matter of managing your money properly."

And to do that you need to manage your mind properly too.


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How to Develop Great Listening Skills

Improve poor listening skills with this gentle, permissive hypnosis session


There is no better friend than a friend with great listening skills.

Being listened to makes you feel interesting, valued and cared for.

Think how you feel when you are talking to someone but you know they are not really listening. Their poor listening skills mean they might be smiling but their eyes are wandering; they look bored or their conversation is disconnected from what you've just been speaking about.

Real listening skills involve actively listening to someone to show them they are important and interesting enough for you to remember what they have told you. The skill of knowing how to make people feel special and worthwhile is priceless and people will love you for it.

In our hurried, crowded and busy times the ability to be able to give great quality attention through advanced listening skills is becoming rarer.


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Beat interview anxiety and boost your job interview performance


There's nothing worse than knowing you're the one for the job then seeing your best efforts go to waste because of interview nerves.

All the practical preparation in the world doesn't help you when you can barely remember your own name because of anxiety!

Of course practical preparation is essential, but it's all wasted if you fail to...Prepare Emotionally, as Well as Practically

Getting the wrong emotional response when the critical moment comes can lay all your best plans to waste.

So the Relaxing in Interviews download will allow you to do just that...Relax properly so you can do yourself justice.After all, that's all you can ask isn't it?


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Naturally Overcome Shyness and Social Anxiety

Improve your life by changing how your mind thinks about socializing


Is shyness keeping you from living your best life?

Do you wish you socializing just came naturally?

Social anxiety can cost a lot. It can keep you from forming friendships and relationships. It may hold you back from promotions. And it can bring unnecessary worry and nervousness into your life.

At its core, social anxiety is a form of performance anxiety. Just as an actor might feel nervous before their opening show, you may get anxious over an upcoming party. You might become so caught up thinking about how others will judge you that you begin to dread the event. And when you get there, you're so nervous that you can't relax and be yourself.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Human beings are naturally social creatures. We're wired to connect with others. But sometimes those wires get crossed.


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Remember What You Read and Learn Efficiently

Improve your recall abilities with the help of hypnosis


Do you often forget what you've just read?

Do you sometimes feel like you're wasting time reading at all?

Of course, we all know how much reading can enrich our lives. It's a wonderful way of sharing knowledge and wisdom.

And it would be great if simply skimming the words would embed them into our minds for eternity, to spring forward at just the right moment.

But unfortunately, many people find it difficult to recall information they've just read as it simply hasn't been embedded in their mind.

The frustration of wasted time

You read the words, trying desperately to memorize them.

You re-read the chapter just to make sure, and realize the information is new to you, even on the second-time through.

You try a third time, but the words swim around in a confusing mixture of text and page (or screen), until you give up and feel like you've wasted your time.


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Find Your Passion and Transform Your Life

Let hypnosis reveal what your purpose here really is


Do you leap out of bed every day full of passion and enthusiasm for all the activities that lie ahead of you?

Or, has your life become a plodding round of dullness and drudgery to pay the bills and meet the obligations that leaves you bored and unsatisfied?

It wasn't always like that, was it? When you were a kid you used to bounce out of bed because you just couldn't stay there a moment longer when there were so many exciting things to do.

You had wild dreams of being an explorer, an actor, an adventurer, a mermaid, a pirate, a dancer, a firefighter - anything was possible. There were things you loved to do so much you would, if allowed, spend the entire day doing nothing else.


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Hypnotic Strategies for Choosing a Career

How to use deep relaxation and imaginative rehearsal to explore your perfect career choice


For most of us, the first time we considered a career choice was when we were very little, and some kindly adult leaned over and said "And what do you want to be when you grow up?"

It was simple. We wanted to be train drivers. Ballerinas. Clowns. Nurses. Astronauts. Chefs.

Aged four, you don't know about accountancy, programming, politics, translation. Or anything else very useful about choosing a career.


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