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Learn How to Lucid Dream Naturally

The similarity of hypnosis to the REM state makes it a perfect technology for learning lucid dreaming


You've probably read all the tips about how to lucid dream. And maybe you've had some success, or maybe a true lucid dream is still eluding you.

The thing is, lucid dreaming is a doing thing. And doing things are best taught by coaching, not tips. Imagine learning to play basketball purely from a list of tips on a piece of paper.

Most dreaming takes place in the REM state. It's the brain's reality simulator. And the main reason hypnosis is so effective is because it taps into the REM state and utliizes the brain's powerful natural abilities.


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How to Make Big Decisions Well

Use hypnosis to gain the insight of your instinctive, unconscious mind before you decide


Have you got a big decision to make?

Have you weighed up all the pros and cons yet are still undecided?

Then perhaps it's time to listen to the deeper part of your mind, the unconscious, non-verbal part that provides your intuition, instincts and insights.

That's where hypnosis can help.

Some types of decision making are easier than others

Sometimes, even important decisions are easy to make, in the sense that you have some clear moral or pragmatic pointer to guide you and are committed to following it.

They may not be easy to implement, but you have a clear sense of what you are going to do, and you make up your mind and go and do it, whatever it takes.


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How Hypnosis Can Help Anger Management

Anger is a trance state, so hypnosis is an ideal way to tackle it


Are your angry emotional reactions causing you problems?

Do you find it hard to control anger and wondering how hypnosis can help?

Life, some famous person once said, is just one darn thing after another. From our earliest days (just take a proper look at toddlers), our plans and wishes get frustrated.

Things don't work out how we expect. People don't do what they're supposed to do. We don't get what we want. It's no wonder we get emotional, and feel like breaking things, shouting, and even hitting people.

As we grow from toddlers to adults, we learn that there is a distinction between the unalterable laws of physics which govern why the natural world doesn't bend to our wishes and the behavior of the people around us.

People could give us what we expect or want or ask for, if they wanted. We know this. And so we can get even more frustrated when they don't.

It feels so wrong


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Keep on Running with Hypnosis

Increase your running endurance with this advanced hypnosis session.


Are you a runner looking for ways to increase your running endurance?

Do you struggle with those times when you feel like just giving up and coming to a stop?

If you get cramps or a strain or some other injury then of course it's wise to stop and rest rather than keep on.

But if you hear that insistent little voice in your head tempting you to stop, saying "Come on! Why bother? Just stop! Nobody will know!" you might want to know how to get it to shut up so you can keep going.

Of course, the more you run, the greater your stamina will be, but it can still feel tough sometimes to keep on when you feel like stopping. This is when the psychological aspects of running really come into their own. This is when you have to 'dig deep' in order to tap into the well within and draw on your capacity to endure and reach your goal, no matter what.


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How to Use Hypnosis to Achieve Your Potential

A deeply relaxing hypnotic session to help you push back the boundaries of your comfort zone


In society today, there is much pressure to 'achieve your potential', and an expectation that you actually have the potential to excel in something, anything.

Failure, or even mediocrity, is not a option if you want to 'live the dream' and be successful.  Not living up to your potential goes with many negative, unhelpful feelings - disappointment, fear, guilt or frustration to name a few.

All these negative emotions and fear makes it less likely that you'll achieve what you want to, trapping you and sapping your energy.

Somehow, you have to break out of this trap and make your own way in the world, with energy and enthusiasm, and a healthy disregard for risk and negative self-talk


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Develop powerful concentration and focus to improve your performance

Learn how to discipline, direct and command your mind with hypnosis


How does an Olympic sprinter look on the starting blocks?

Distracted? Dreamy? Confused?

No. You're looking at CONCENTRATION. Powerful... unshakeable... rock solid... FOCUS.

But it's more than mere concentration; his attention is like a laser-beam focused on one single exclusive thing - winning. Psychologists call this state of pure concentration, totally free of all outside distraction, 'flow'.

And peak performers in all walks of life can access it when they want.


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How to Improve Your Academic Performance

Use this powerful, permissive hypnosis session to get into the right mind-set for learning


Does your mind wander in class making it hard to take in what's being discussed?

Are you frustrated with your current academic performance?

Academic knowledge gets you ahead in a competitive world and on the surface, academic performance relates to four key abilities:

- the ability to study and remember facts

- being able to see how facts fit together and form larger patterns of knowledge

- being able to think for yourself in relation to facts

- being able to communicate your knowledge verbally or down on paper

Scratch the surface and you'll find that good academic performance is also linked to having good organizational skills such as a tidy place to work and good time management.

Scratch more deeply and you'll find that excellent academic performance depends on having the right mind-set for learning.


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Improve Your Powers of Visualization With Hypnosis

Learn how to improve your ability to visualize with this advanced hypnosis audio


Hypnosis is a powerful tool for positive change but do you ever wish you could visualize better?

Maybe you've listened to hypnotic sessions before and been relaxed but found it hard to actually visualize the suggested scenes and experiences.

It seems that some people naturally find it harder to visualize, and it maybe that you're more comfortable using other senses.

What's your predominant sense?


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