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Emotional Health

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Get Some Help Getting Over Divorce

The emotional impact of divorce can be shattering. Hypnosis can help.


Divorce can seem like the end of the world - whether you wanted it or not.

The emotional turmoil, the sudden life change and the sense of loss can feel akin to grieving. People tell you you'll get over it but it just doesn't feel like you ever will.

Then, to add to the emotional burden of divorce come the practicalities. At a time when it's difficult to think clearly you have to sort out financial and legal issues while remaining as calm and responsible as possible.

The emotional fallout of divorce

Emotions common during divorce are anger, guilt and anxiety about coping in the future - emotionally or financially. There may also be bittersweet memories of how things used to be before everything 'went wrong'.

If children are involved then there is often guilt and anxiety. How will it affect them?


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How to Find Inner Peace Quickly

You can create a hidden sanctuary inside no matter what is happening outside using hypnosis

Does the turmoil of life make you yearn for some inner peace?

Are you too often overwhelmed by the challenges (and even the minor irritations) of daily life?

The pace of our lives can be exciting and stimulating. Rising to challenge gives us a sense of achievement, and satisfaction. Lives without stimulation and challenge can be deadening and joyless.

But you really can have too much of a good thing, and there is no question that our modern lifestyles have become so hectic and pressured that we often get overwhelmed, and conflicted, and distressed.

What can you do?


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How to Find Inner Peace Quickly

You can create a hidden sanctuary inside no matter what is happening outside using hypnosis


Does the turmoil of life make you yearn for some inner peace?

Are you too often overwhelmed by the challenges (and even the minor irritations) of daily life?

The pace of our lives can be exciting and stimulating. Rising to challenge gives us a sense of achievement, and satisfaction. Lives without stimulation and challenge can be deadening and joyless.

But you really can have too much of a good thing, and there is no question that our modern lifestyles have become so hectic and pressured that we often get overwhelmed, and conflicted, and distressed.

What can you do?


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How to Stay Calm with THAT Person

Move past that unwanted, involuntary reaction with the help of hypnosis


Is there someone you know who always manages to aggravate you?

Do you wish you could remain calm when they're around?

When someone always manages to push your buttons it can be immensely frustrating. It can make you feel out of control, and as if you're not putting your best self forward.

Perhaps they make you:

Feel nervous and intimidated

Feel constantly on edge when you're around them

Obsess over all the times they've done something to bother you.

And no matter how hard you try, just knowing you're going to have to see them can make you feel anxious and fill you with dread.


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Health & Wellbeing

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Boost Your Exercise Motivation with Hypnosis

Use your unconscious mind to build a powerful exercise habit that you can't break


Does your exercise motivation come and go (or mostly go)?

Is it sometimes too much of a struggle to stay committed to your exercise plan?

Exercise Motivation Booster is an audio hypnosis session developed to give you two powerful keys to getting back on track with your exercise - and staying there.


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Release Muscle Tension with a Relaxing Hypnotic Massage

Experience the wonderful benefits of relaxing massage without even having to leave the house


Are your muscles a hotbed of tension? Do the stresses of life all seem to end up as knots in your shoulders?

What if you could experience blissful release without having to visit a masseur?

As tension builds in our muscles, we often experience pain, fatigue, and poor posture - which can, over time, lead to even bigger problems. So it's critical that we set aside time to help ease out that tension. But of course, it's not just our physical health that suffers if we allow these tensions to build unabated.

Of course, our mental health suffers when we exist in a constant state of tension. Conversely, when we allow our muscles to relax and our minds to find a place of calm clarity, the benefits are immediate and obvious. Regular relaxation can improve mood, immune function, hormonal balance, and much more.

Massage is the perfect way to unwind and relax. Massage clears your mind, releases tension, improves circulation, and generally makes you feel great. But of course, in the neverending hustle and bustle that is life, getting to a masseur can be easier said than done.


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Eat Healthy Instinctively for Weight Loss Success

How hypnosis can train your mind to choose to eat healthy foods

eat healthy

Are you fed up with losing weight and then putting it back on again?

Do you find it a struggle to maintain a healthy eating 'regime'?

That word - 'regime' - may be the culprit. It can have the same effect on you as the word 'routine'. These words suggest being hard on yourself. Making rules. Punishing yourself if you go 'off the rails'. It makes the whole business of getting to and maintaining a healthy weight seem like so much hard work. You can keep it up for a while, but then you just get exhausted!

And once you have fallen off, you are more likely to say to yourself, "What's the point? I'll never manage it!" And then you swing in the opposite direction and over-indulge yourself. Unfortunately, the consequences of that don't exactly make you happy either, do they?


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How to Use Hypnosis to Increase Your Energy Levels

Use hypnosis for an energy boost that is safe, natural and steady


Do you sometimes need a quick, reliable injection of extra energy?

Would you prefer a natural energy booster to get you going when you need it?

Then consider using hypnosis for energy that is natural and lasting.

Why everybody sometimes needs a quick source of energy

We all run into times in life when what we need is a quick lift to carry us through. You may need to meet an urgent deadline, you may have something important to do when you're feeling a bit under the weather, you may just be trying to help a friend in need when you have a lot on your own plate - it could be anything.

And what's the quickest, most effective way to give yourself a metaphorical 'shot in the arm' of powerful, uplifting energy that will help you stay the course? Without any nasty side effects?


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Love & Relationships

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Enjoy your partner's blissful touch (as if for the first time)

Let hypnosis help you rediscover your sensuality


Do you remember when you were utterly entranced by the blissful touch of your lover? Even by the thought of it?

What would it be like to enjoy that magical sensuality again? Every day?

When we consider the human body, we don't often think about how amazing our skin is. The skin is the largest and most sensitive organ we have. It is our boundary with the world, it where we experience the world. And we communicate with each other through contact, through touch, via the skin. From infancy onwards, long before we have language, we touch and feel and connect with the world around us through our skin.

These are not just dull biological facts!

Falling in love is all about that blissful touch

Think about what it's like when you first fall in love with someone. Not only do you think about your beloved and how wonderful they are all day. You also long with a sometimes truly painful yearning to be near them, to be close to them. To touch and be touched by them. The smallest, slightest contact, even just sleeve against sleeve, can send an almost electric shock right through you, making you feel faint.

And as for an embrace, where you wrap your arms around each other and lose yourselves completely in a deeply passionate kiss...

Where did it go?


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Recover from a Manipulative Relationship and Reclaim Your Sense of Self

Free yourself from those old deceptions with the help of hypnosis


Are you trying to heal after being in a manipulative relationship?

Do you want to be free of the past and reclaim the real you?

Unfortunately, narcissistic, manipulative abuse happens to people in all walks of life. It can cause the victim to:

- Lose their sense of self worth

- Feel utterly dependent on their abuser

- Find it difficult to trust others and themselves

- Become isolated from friends and family.


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Increase Your Sex Drive - Feel Confident and RelaxedMindsetchronicle

Sexual Libido Boost

Quickly Revive Your Sex Drive, with Hypnosis

The Sexual Libido Boost is a hypnosis audio recording designed to help individuals increase their sex drive and enhance their sexual experiences. It aims to help people overcome libido loss, which can be caused by various factors such as age, illness, stress, and changes in daily routine.

The recording includes embedded NLP commands and is meant to help individuals tap into their subconscious minds to eliminate stress and tension that may be holding them back, and to rediscover sexual confidence and energy. It is intended to help people rekindle their desire for sex, increase passion, fire, and confidence in the bedroom, and feel friskier more often.


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Get Some Help Getting Over a Relationship

How hypnosis can help heal your broken heart


Are you trying to get over a relationship that's ended and finding it hard to let go?

Does it feel like you'll never be able to love again?

Mourning the end of a relationship

When you've invested a lot of yourself in a relationship, when you've made it part of 'who you are', it can be devastating when it comes to an end. Whether it's a long-term relationship, or a shorter, intense relationship, the impact of it ending can be terrible.

Even if you are the one who ends it. Painful feelings of loss and grief can overwhelm you. It can feel impossible to put your ex-partner out of your mind. Impossible to think about ordinary things, or even do ordinary things.

Of course you know, in your head, that time will pass, that things will change, that one day this will all seem very distant. But right now the pain is so acute that this theoretical knowledge is no use to you whatever.


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Meditation & Mindfulness

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Prepare to encounter your mind in a radically new way as Ken Wilber introduces Integral Mindfulness, a meditative approach based on Integral Theory and Practice. This leading-edge technique combines, for the first time in history, the ancient paths of meditation and mindfulness—or Waking Up—with modern research into psychological development and human evolution—Growing Up—resulting in a complete and powerfully effective method of personal transformation.

Integral Meditation focuses attention on the inner “maps” we use to navigate life—in relationships, at work and study, in play, in just about everything we do. Mindfulness is used to unearth these unconscious maps, then uproot them so that we can substitute happier and healthier perspectives. With experiential exercises, guided meditation instructions, and tools to identify the individual’s own greatest potential, this book points the way to realizing our Supreme Identity—and to finding the reason why each of us has come into being: to embody and express in the world our unique perspective of Spirit.


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Compassion, kindness, equanimity, and joy are not only the fruits of the awakened life but also the path to it: attitudes of mind that can be cultivated by anyone willing to set the intention for doing so. Christina Feldman shows how these ennobling qualities—known in Buddhism as the brahma viharas (sublime abodes) or the Four Immeasurables—are far more than simply the “feel-good” states they are sometimes mistaken for. If we pursue them sincerely as spiritual practice, they work together, complementing and enhancing each other, to lead us to the kind of awakening that we are compelled to share with others. Thus through the practice of the brahma viharas we can become participants in the healing and liberation of our world.


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This, the third volume of the Trilogy of Rest, introduces us to our most basic nature—the clear and pristine awareness that is the nature of the mind. The Padmakara Translation Group has provided us with a clear and fluid new translation of the final volume, Finding Rest in Illusion, along with its autocommentary, The Chariot of Excellence, which describes in detail the conduct of those who have stabilized their recognition of the nature of the mind and how to apply the Buddhist view when relating to ordinary appearances. This is an invaluable manual for any genuine student of Buddhism who wishes to truly find rest through the path of the Great Perfection.


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The ancient meditation techniques of Taoism encompass a wide range of practices—with an aim toward cultivating a healthy body as well as an enlightened mind. These selections from classic texts of Taoist meditation represent the entire range of techniques—from sitting meditation practices to internal alchemy. Most of the texts appear here in English for the first time.

Selections are taken from the following classics:

  • Anthology on Cultivation of Realization: A document from 1739 (Ming Dynasty) that emphasizes development of the natural, social, and spiritual elements in human life.
  • Treatise on Sitting Forgetting: A Tang Dynasty text that sets meditation practice in terms familiar to Confucians and Buddhists.
  • Sayings of Taoist Master Danyang: Wisdom of the Taoist wizard and representative of the Complete Reality School.
  • Secret Writings on the Mechanism of Nature: An anthology taken from one hundred sixty-three Taoist sources, including ancient classics and works on meditation and spiritual alchemy, along with admonitions and teachings of the great Taoist luminaries.
  • Zhang Sanfeng's Taiji Alchemy Secrets: A treatise on the inner mediation practices that are the proper foundation of the martial art Taiji.
  • Secret Records of Understanding the Way: A rare and remarkable collection of talks by an anonymous Taoist master of the later Qing dynasty (1644–1911). Traditional teachings with a sometimes strikingly modern bent.


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Mental Skills

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Learn How to Lucid Dream Naturally

The similarity of hypnosis to the REM state makes it a perfect technology for learning lucid dreaming


You've probably read all the tips about how to lucid dream. And maybe you've had some success, or maybe a true lucid dream is still eluding you.

The thing is, lucid dreaming is a doing thing. And doing things are best taught by coaching, not tips. Imagine learning to play basketball purely from a list of tips on a piece of paper.

Most dreaming takes place in the REM state. It's the brain's reality simulator. And the main reason hypnosis is so effective is because it taps into the REM state and utliizes the brain's powerful natural abilities.


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How to Make Big Decisions Well

Use hypnosis to gain the insight of your instinctive, unconscious mind before you decide


Have you got a big decision to make?

Have you weighed up all the pros and cons yet are still undecided?

Then perhaps it's time to listen to the deeper part of your mind, the unconscious, non-verbal part that provides your intuition, instincts and insights.

That's where hypnosis can help.

Some types of decision making are easier than others

Sometimes, even important decisions are easy to make, in the sense that you have some clear moral or pragmatic pointer to guide you and are committed to following it.

They may not be easy to implement, but you have a clear sense of what you are going to do, and you make up your mind and go and do it, whatever it takes.


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How Hypnosis Can Help Anger Management

Anger is a trance state, so hypnosis is an ideal way to tackle it


Are your angry emotional reactions causing you problems?

Do you find it hard to control anger and wondering how hypnosis can help?

Life, some famous person once said, is just one darn thing after another. From our earliest days (just take a proper look at toddlers), our plans and wishes get frustrated.

Things don't work out how we expect. People don't do what they're supposed to do. We don't get what we want. It's no wonder we get emotional, and feel like breaking things, shouting, and even hitting people.

As we grow from toddlers to adults, we learn that there is a distinction between the unalterable laws of physics which govern why the natural world doesn't bend to our wishes and the behavior of the people around us.

People could give us what we expect or want or ask for, if they wanted. We know this. And so we can get even more frustrated when they don't.

It feels so wrong


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Keep on Running with Hypnosis

Increase your running endurance with this advanced hypnosis session.


Are you a runner looking for ways to increase your running endurance?

Do you struggle with those times when you feel like just giving up and coming to a stop?

If you get cramps or a strain or some other injury then of course it's wise to stop and rest rather than keep on.

But if you hear that insistent little voice in your head tempting you to stop, saying "Come on! Why bother? Just stop! Nobody will know!" you might want to know how to get it to shut up so you can keep going.

Of course, the more you run, the greater your stamina will be, but it can still feel tough sometimes to keep on when you feel like stopping. This is when the psychological aspects of running really come into their own. This is when you have to 'dig deep' in order to tap into the well within and draw on your capacity to endure and reach your goal, no matter what.


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Instant Self-Confidence

Enjoy the Self-Belief to Do Anything, using Hypnosis

The Instant Self-Confidence hypnosis session aims to help individuals tap into their inner reservoir of confidence through the use of hypnosis and NLP techniques.

The session aims to reprogram thinking patterns and reframe self-perception, leading to an increase in self-assurance and ability to perform at one's best in any area of life.

It is intended to help with instant, supreme confidence in any area of life, feeling certain in decisions and ability to succeed, radiating self-belief and eliminating doubt, and tackling tasks with confidence. 

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Find a Place of Calm Clarity with this Guided Meditation Session

Use meditation to control your attention and experience a greater sense of oneness with the world around you


Do you want to feel more grounded and connected to the world around you?

Would you like to develop the ability to access a place of calm objectivity at will?

Meditation is a valuable tool for maintaining good physical and mental health. It improves your ability to focus, evaluate situations objectively, and control your emotions, and can also reduce stress, strengthen your immune system, and optimize healing.

If you ever find yourself feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or just in need of a break, meditation is the perfect way to gain distance from your negative thoughts and find a path forward from a place of calm clarity.


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Increase Your Dating Confidence With Hypnosis

Learn to relax and be yourself on a date with this gentle, permissive hypnosis session


Does dating turn you into a tongue-tied teenager?

Do you find yourself self conscious and anxious on dates?

We all know that we're supposed to 'relax and be ourselves' on a date. After all, it makes perfect sense - unless you are yourself, how can your date tell whether they honestly like you or not?

But hold on, as well as being yourself, you want to be the best version of yourself right? Which means being 'on' but not nervous; in the moment but not too excitable.

It's a fine balancing act, which is why so many people have problems with dating confidence.


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Get a Millionaire Mind-Set

Train your brain to think like a millionaire using hypnosis


Everyone wants to be rich. Don't they? So why do only a few reach those heights? How do millions of people work their fingers to the bone yet end up broke?

It's about your mindset

When it comes down to it, success is down to your mindset - the habits, attitudes and behaviors you use every day that move you, step-by-step, towards millionaire status.

This Millionaire Mindset 6-part hypnosis program is designed to program your subconscious mind with these common attitudes of millionaires.

Absorb the 6 key psychological traits of self-made millionaires

The Millionaire Mindset program contains these 6 success-shaping sessions:


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Mindfully Green - Personal & Spiritual Guide to whole Earth ThinkingMindsetchronicle

With all the attention on living sustainably, the one thing missing from the conversation is how to find a personal connection with green living that will sustain us on our green path. While practical approaches to an eco-responsible lifestyle offer important first steps, it is critical that we ground these actions in broader understanding so that we can effect real change in the world.

In this book, Stephanie Kaza describes what she calls the “green practice path.” She offers a simple, Buddhist-inspired philosophy for taking up environmental action in real, practical, and effective ways. Discover new ways to think more deeply about your impact on the natural world, engage in environmental change, and make green living a personal practice based in compassion and true conviction.


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Anger is a universal human emotion, and it can manifest in some pretty nasty ways. But it is also amazingly workable. In this guide to the practice of inner peace, Pema Chödrön shows us how to recognize anger in ourselves when it first begins to rise, how to sit with the discomfort it causes, and how to let it dissipate. By taking responsibility for the seeds of aggression in our own hearts and minds, we can help create a new culture of compassion for ourselves and for the world.


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In this book Thich Nhat Hanh, the renowned Zen monk, author, and meditation master, distills the essence of Buddhist thought and practice, emphasizing the power of mindfulness to transform our lives. “Mindfulness is not an evasion or an escape,” he explains. “It means being here, present, and totally alive. It is true freedom—and without this freedom, there is no happiness.”

Based on a retreat that Thich Nhat Hanh led for Westerners, this book offers a range of simple, effective practices for cultivating mindfulness, including awareness of breathing and walking, deep listening, and skillful speech. You Are Here also offers guidance on healing emotional pain and manifesting real love and compassion in our relationships with others.


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Bringing in his experience as a Buddhist monk, scientist, and contemplative, Alan Wallace offers a rich synthesis of Eastern and Western mindfulness traditions, along with a comprehensive range of guided meditation practices interwoven throughout the text. The meditations are systematically presented, beginning with very basic instructions, which are then gradually built upon as one gains increasing familiarity with the practice.

This edition includes a new preface and never-before-published translations by B. Alan Wallace of three renowned Buddhist works on mindfulness by Asanga, Shantideva, and Dudjom Rinpoche.


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Personal Development

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Advanced Hypnosis for Sales Success

Want to give your selling skills that superstar 'punch'? Use hypnosis to get your unconscious mind aligned.


What makes for really great selling skills? Is it knowing your product? Knowing your prospect? Sheer grit and determination? Unshakable self-confidence?

Look in any 'how to sell' manual and you'll see chapters and chapters on all these topics and more. But there is a key element most sales manuals won't tell you much about.

How can you reliably get yourself into that 'peak state of flow' that really brings the results?

Selling can be tough. Real tough.

Anybody working in sales soon gets to know the bad days from the good days. On the good days, everything goes swimmingly. It feels really easy to say the right things, get the rapport going, choose just the right moment to close, and end up with another satisfied customer.

On the bad days, it's the reverse. And it's not as if it's all Even Stevens - one good day, one bad day, balancing out. Bad days always seem to come in crowds!


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Get Organized Now with Hypnosis

The unconscious drive towards organization can be learned through self hypnosis


Not getting organized can be depressing, exasperating and time wasting.

How many wonderful creative ideas die because they are never given necessary balance and life by ordered steady organization?

Life can feel chaotic and overwhelming without ongoing organization, and ironically people often don't take time to get organized because they feel this delays them in what they want to do or is time wasting in itself!


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Boost Your Self Confidence Now

Use this gentle, permissive hypnosis session to feel more confident quickly.


Is a lack of self confidence making life harder for you than it needs to be?

Do nerves make you self conscious and hesitant, so that you don't give of your best, or get the best for yourself?

Low self confidence can make life tricky - and sometimes really painful. You miss out on opportunities that come your way and you might even avoid some situations because you just don't believe you can cope as well as other people.


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How to Develop a Powerfully Positive Mental Attitude

Train your mind to develop a positive outlook, using your natural abilities, with hypnosis


Can a positive mental attitude really make a measurable difference to your life? Many people are skeptical about whether personal attitudes and behaviors can really affect how things turn out in life.

There are so many complex factors which are quite outside our control that it seems naive to imagine that our own ideas and feelings have any serious influence apart from making us feel good (or bad). But is there more to it?


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How to Overcome Fear of Success

Update old unconscious patterns that are holding you back with hypnosis



Do you ever feel like something is holding you back?

Do you find that you 'get in your own way'?

Is real achievement constantly just out of your grasp?

Fear of success may sound like a strange idea, but many people can identify with the feelings above.

However hard you try, something always gets in your way to spoil your focus, destroy your motivation or undermine your confidence.

Old patterns can trip you up

The unconscious mind is a strange beast. Part of its job is to keep you safe, and if it perceives a threat it will remember it so that if it sees a similar pattern again in the future, it will make you scared again.

Over time, this can cause problems because what was once a threat may no longer be. Or it might have got it wrong first time.

A fear of success may have come from all sorts of experiences, and the cause really isn't important. What's important is getting rid of it.


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How to Overcome Fear of Rejection

Stop behaving in ways that will ultimately get you rejected with the help of hypnosis


Does the fear of being rejected fill you with painful dread?

Does stop you from doing what you really, really want to do?

Why are we so worried about being accepted?

It's deeply natural and human to want to be accepted and liked by other people. Human beings are social creatures, who evolved in small tribes where it was absolutely essential to be on good terms with other members of the tribe.

Tens of thousands of years ago, if you were rejected by your tribe for some reason, and thrown out to fend for yourself, you would be very likely to meet a speedy end.

In those long ago and dangerous times, your physical survival was very strongly linked to how well you got on with those around you. You needed the full acceptance of everyone if you were to live.

So you had to nurture your relationships with others, take part in group activities, do your bit, and help others do theirs. That's why it makes sense that we all still have a deep primal instinct that it is really important to be accepted.



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Overcome Public Speaking Fear With Hypnosis

Banish speaking anxiety and nerves with this gentle, permissive hypnosis session


Does even the thought of standing up in front of an audience bring you out in a cold sweat?

Do you dread the idea of being called to speak in public?

You are not alone. Surveys of people's worst fears consistently rank giving presentations and speeches in the number one position. More frightening than jumping out of a plane at 20,000 feet. Into a swamp full of man eating alligators.

Why is public speaking so frightening?

Ridiculous, isn't it?


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Overcome Fear of Sex And Enjoy Intimacy

A hypnosis audio to help you overcome sex-related anxiety


Do you find yourself tensing up and getting panicky when things get too intimate?

Is fear of sex and sexual intimacy damaging your relationship?

In an ideal world, we'd meet someone we 'click' with, get to know them, get closer, and move easily and naturally into intimacy and eventually sexual intimacy. Progress would be mutually considerate - and fun!

Sex and intimacy between two people who are attracted to each other and enjoying themselves is one of life's great pleasures and supports good mental and physical health.


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Overcome Driving Test Nerves With Hypnosis

Hypnosis is nature's optimum tool for gaining mastery over your own body and calming your mind


Is an upcoming driving test causing you stress, worry and sleepless nights?

Do you feel like however confident you are during lessons, nerves will get the better of you on test day?

No one likes tests and exams, but the driving test seems to create the most anxiety for many people.

It's not about conscious confidence

Despite the fact that you know you can drive, somehow it's impossible to feel confident about taking the actual driving test.

And of course, the more nervous you are, the more likely you are to actually make mistakes - so it's a Catch-22 situation.

Part of this fear comes from knowing that you have to concentrate. But it's difficult to be calm and focused when you're a bag of nerves.

If you are feeling very anxious about your test, it may be that your unconscious mind has become conditioned to respond that way through repeated imagining of things going wrong.


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The Trader's Mind - Hypnosis for Trading

Train your brain to moderate emotional responses that cause decision making errors when trading


You probably know about the times when your approach to trading has been emotional rather than rational. You've probably read the books about the great traders, and know you should stay calm.

But knowing is one thing, doing is another.

Managing your mind to manage your money

As Noel Whittaker the great financier said: "Becoming wealthy is not a matter of how much you earn, who your parents are, or what you do... it is a matter of managing your money properly."

And to do that you need to manage your mind properly too.


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How to Develop Great Listening Skills

Improve poor listening skills with this gentle, permissive hypnosis session


There is no better friend than a friend with great listening skills.

Being listened to makes you feel interesting, valued and cared for.

Think how you feel when you are talking to someone but you know they are not really listening. Their poor listening skills mean they might be smiling but their eyes are wandering; they look bored or their conversation is disconnected from what you've just been speaking about.

Real listening skills involve actively listening to someone to show them they are important and interesting enough for you to remember what they have told you. The skill of knowing how to make people feel special and worthwhile is priceless and people will love you for it.

In our hurried, crowded and busy times the ability to be able to give great quality attention through advanced listening skills is becoming rarer.


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Beat interview anxiety and boost your job interview performance


There's nothing worse than knowing you're the one for the job then seeing your best efforts go to waste because of interview nerves.

All the practical preparation in the world doesn't help you when you can barely remember your own name because of anxiety!

Of course practical preparation is essential, but it's all wasted if you fail to...Prepare Emotionally, as Well as Practically

Getting the wrong emotional response when the critical moment comes can lay all your best plans to waste.

So the Relaxing in Interviews download will allow you to do just that...Relax properly so you can do yourself justice.After all, that's all you can ask isn't it?


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