How To Create Your Own Better Future


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How To Create Your Own Better Future



The future is the time that is going to happen after the present moment. We all work for our foreseeable future and want it to thrive. Our today's attitude determines our tomorrow.

To some people, an improved future refers to a happy, long-lasting relationship, a healthy family, accomplishing studies, getting a well-paid job, becoming a millionaire, financial independence, settling abroad, etc.

What if you find a solution to improve your future checklist in a single click?

I will give you a step-by-step guide on making slight changes in your frame of mind to create your own improved future, and opportunity and success will be just around the corner. Develop the unconscious habits of mind you need to drive you towards long-term success.  


✅ Let’s Jump Into How To Be Creative in Your Own Improved Future With 11 Undemanding Ways:


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📌 Self Exploration


Self-exploration is the first step in creating a better future; Introspection provides a detailed outline of your aptitude and talents, i.e., hidden ones. Self-contemplation starts by visualizing yourself, and it helps you explore your passions and expertise in many ways. The apparent types are:


  • Identify your Values

I know you all have your values, i.e., your likes and dislikes, information about something and someone, and most importantly, about yourself, but can you count your uncompromising ideals?

Count and write them; they will show you a lot about your personality, competence and depicts the content life you want to live.

Values may include compassion, loyalty, courage, self-respect, intelligence, and others.

Look at your values; they will benefit you in discovering yourself.


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  • Explore your Skills

Evaluating your values will help you explore your skills and free up innovative hidden talents. For example, if you value self-independence, you will do your work and perform your tasks, and it will help you explore the skills you are good at.

Maybe someone in your connection asks you for cooking hints and tips, and your family likes your prepared food; it shows you have cooking skills.

On the other hand, your family trusts you to fix household gadgets. On the flip side, your fellows like your presentation expertise - these all reflect your creative skills; you must identify yourself and connect your talent.


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📌 Goal Setting for a Better Future


The second step towards an improved and happy future is the need for goal setting. Identifying your skills is the kickstart of the goal-setting process. Tap into your mind's true power with unconscious goal achievement.

Don’t get ahead of yourself; take a decision based on your values and skills and work like there’s no tomorrow. You can easily set your objectives, but before you put any goal, foresee the outcome you want. After thinking about the consequences from all perspectives, make your mind, come what may, and do the following:


  • Write your Goals

Put down your aims and where you find yourself after some years, in soft and hard form, and make sure you look at it once a day so that it reminds you of what you want in the future.


  • Create Action Plan

After setting your purpose:

📍Come toward creating an action plan. The action plan must include all the strategies, tactics, approaches, and avoidings of action which will lead you toward achievements.

📍Make sure you create a daily, weekly, and monthly action plan and try to execute it.

📍Read quotes about work and life to help you create an effective master plan.

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📌 Mind - Training and Vision


After setting your objectives and making an action plan, ensure your mind is trained enough to achieve them at all costs because if you don't train your mind, you will soon get fed up. So let's jump into the training process:


  • Shun Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts like fear of failure put you back and prevent you from fulfilling your aims. Hence, reframe your intrusive thoughts and train your brain to think positive whenever you feel it will not work. Shift your passive thoughts by listing one reason why it will work. Identify and respond effectively to negative thoughts.


  • Read, Learn and Memorize

Study every day to boost your cognitive power and enhance your attention span. The best mind training activity is to develop interactive skills and understand your abilities and interests. Reading helps you grasp new things and trains your mind to memorize them.

For example, suppose you want to set up a shopping store. Read books or a blog about entrepreneurs; it will help you overcome the shortcomings of a business. Moreover, you will identify marketing strategies and imply them to develop business.


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📌 Follow the Plan With Honesty and Grow


Albeit honesty is the first thing, you must have and be sure of practicing it as it is the collateral that leads to a fulfilling life and future. I'm not talking about honesty in speaking the truth to others, but honesty with yourself is essential. If you want an improved future, you should be honest with yourself. Honesty lets you:

  • Widen your perception

  • Develop consistency

  • Empower your willpower

  • Improve clarity of life 

So, be honest with yourself because when you start observing honesty in all areas of life, you will see moral integrity and high self-esteem in yourself and let you work wholeheartedly. Honesty will lead you to value fame and failure on every life path.


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📌 Topic Focus


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Focus is the ability that helps you employ your future aims with minimal distractions. It is valuable to let go of diversions and work for your future. Though it’s not necessary to work 24/7, focused and undivided attention is crucial. Learn how to discipline, direct and command your mind. There are some ways to improve focus which are:


  • 52-17 rule

This rule leads to time management, in which you should have a 17-minute break after 52 minutes of focused action work.


  • Clean your Work Environment

Clean your area of work, study, and meditation. A little tweak in your environment freshens your mood and uplifts your ability to work efficiently.

  • Understand What Keeps you Going

Focus can be achieved when you know what keeps you moving toward a better future; they may be your previous achievements, fears, and incentives.

To me, previous achievements and compliments compel you towards betterment. For some kids, incentives are the best way to focus- going on a short trip, and a nice dinner or ice cream gives them focus.

Identify what keeps you moving and recall them in your mind. Fear-based motivations also keep you going; fear of reprimand and not completing the task helps you proceed.


📌 Build a Network Model



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Networking is another crucial step in achieving an improved future. Networking includes making new friends, fellows, acquaintances, and partners. Network building progresses your career by interacting with other people; for introverts, it is essential to establish networking for success. Your friends bring confidence in you; your communication improves, and you feel cheerful. You can build a network through:


  • Making a Friend

If you are shy, try making a friend who will understand your timidness and help you overcome it once. And for next time, it gives you the confidence to venture out independently. Improve your life by changing how your mind thinks about socializing.


  • Focusing on Shared Aims and Interests 

Find a network where intents are common, it will help you speak up about your interests and ideas, and you will find it easier to talk to them and build a network.


  • Stay in Tune with Peer Group 

Peer groups play an essential role in your journey. Communicate with them effectively and ask for their guidance, building trust and cordial relationships. Develop a team, determine your leader and flourish in life.

📌 Hard Work vs Smart Work


Without hard work and smart work, the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.


work smarter not harder


Hard work is difficult, but it is a prerequisite for achievement. On the flip side, brilliant work gives you a straightaway effective strategy. Both are important in attaining a better future because they complement each other; if you will not work hard after having a smart strategy, it's no use; that shows the importance of hard work. Your hard work plays its part in executing continuous progress. 

If you want a thriving future, hard work is necessary; all people start from scratch, and with time, they pick up how to play smart. Always remember, hard work is the key to success, so put hard work into action and see the results.

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📌 Face Criticism


Get ready for the criticism when you don't follow the crowd and move on a different path. Criticism is also there when you fail, even after efficient hard work. So get ready to face it with a big heart and a genuine smile. There are many ways to face criticism which are:


  • Stay Calm

Stay quiet and train your mind to be calm in every situation, especially when someone criticizes you for not doing something right. Learn how to keep a cool head in stressful situations.


  • Hear Criticism 

Hear the criticism others give you and cope with all types of criticism.


  • Self-Evaluation

After hearing criticism, evaluate yourself, the areas you lack, and note them.


  • Move On

Move on with a positive and learning attitude after facing criticism.


📌 Act and Learn From Mistakes


Learning should be an unstopping process in your entire life. Assess your shortcomings, and evaluate your progress and mistakes to improve the future. Train your mind to see the good in every situation and work on your mistakes to eliminate them with willpower and skills; the process includes:


  • Acknowledge

First, acknowledge your mistakes and faults for doing wrong.


  • Analyze

Then view and analyze why you made that mistake and how it can be recorrected.


  • Mindset to Improve 

Always remember tomorrow’s another day; you should have a solid mindset of receiving a drive from mistakes and try not to botch them up.

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📌 Self-Improvement


Self-improvement is the lifelong process of improving your skills, abilities, potential, knowledge, and implementation in practical life. You can lead toward a rewarding future only if you improve yourself each passing day. The most crucial self-improvement subjects for creating your own improved future are:


  • Acquire more Skills

Get more skills to polish yourself for a better and brighter future. For Example, if you are good at reading, you will be good at writing- try to practice it.


  • Improve Relationships

The most critical step in self-improvement is maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself and the people around you. If you're an employee in an organization, act like a professional and diverse your relationship with the company's people.


  • Challenge Yourself

Constantly challenge yourself for betterment. Let go of fears and track your path towards improvement and personal development. Update old unconscious patterns that are holding you back.


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📌 Make a Difference


Last but not least is to make a difference in your living style, habits, practices, etc.

You can bring a significant difference in creating an improved future through two habits:


  • Diet

Diet boosts your cognitive power to perform all tasks. Your diet must have

  • Omega-3 supplements

  • Walnuts

  • Berries

  • Chocolates

You should avoid unhealthy food to be healthy and fresh. Avoid cakes, fried food, and junk food.


  • Fewer Media Exposure 

Avoid using social media because it may get you into depression and anxiety issues. Also, it can lead you to develop insecurity and ungratefulness, which diminish your positivity and optimistic outlook on life. 


✅ Bottom Line


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The future is an unhappened event, but we dream up about it, hang in the time ahead and forget our present.

For the time being, get the ball rolling, and work for your improved future but don't ruin your present moments by constantly thinking about the forthcoming. Create your own future by shifting your reality, changing your unconscious mind.

So, follow the above tips peacefully, just focus on yourself, and let your present joyous and future thrive. 







By Fiza Ali

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