9 Effective Ways To Increase Brain Power In 7 Minutes


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9 Effective Ways To Increase Brain Power In 7 Minutes



The brain is a critical organ of our body that enables us to think, learn, feel, and act. It controls other bodily functions such as heartbeat, breathing, vision, etc. Hence, maintaining a sharp brain should be our first prerogative. 

The human brain shows striking changes till 25 years of age; that's why doctors emphasize on the best ways to improve brain building for kids and teenagers.

But do you know brain cells can not regenerate themselves once damaged?

Therefore, after 25, it is crucial to care for our brain and help your brain stay healthy like as we care for our beauty and wrinkles.

So doll up your brain avatar, and let's get straight into the effective ways to increase brain power in 7 minutes read. 


brainwave shots
brainwave shots


✅ How Can I Increase Brain Power in 7 Minutes? Here Are Ways to Boost Your Brain:


Blue human brain lifting weight


📌 Meditation to Boost Brain Power


Meditation is an important factor to boost your brainpower. Meditation refers to the state of mind in the existing situation, neither in the past nor in the future. When you learn to meditate, your brain learns to deal with current situations, either favorable situations or unfavorable ones.

This 5 minute mind exercise will change your LIFE! ⤵️

Do you know how to meditate for concentration?

One of the best activities to improve attention and concentration is yoga; It is a low-intensity mind-body exercise that focuses your brain to one point and increases your energy by keeping you agile and healthy. Memorize, sharpen your mind and stimulate and help you brain stay healthy.

When your mind stays in the present, it learns how to deal with confronting situations, so strengthen your brain . On the other hand, lingering in the past will replay the unpleasant situations in your mind, and this attitude will lead to overthinking and sabotaging yourself. Ultimately, you will get depression and anxiety issues because you cannot change the former situations. So, let bygones be bygones.

Likewise, if you continuously think about the future, you will start procrastinating and soon be demotivated. Suspension in the live moment, working for your future bits, and learning lessons from your past is the best strategy to meditate and brain-boosting.


Yoga on the beach


Create a new you: Reinvent yourself for a fresh start and start over.


📌 Avoid Over-Sleeping


There are several discourses related to lack of sleep, proper sleep, getting a long sleep, etc. Yes, this is true in most cases, but that does not mean to sleep more than your body needs. According to researchers, sleep of 7-8 hours is enough for adults.

Sleeping more than 7 hours leads to inactivity, lethargy, and improper focus. I know it's difficult to get back to a positive sleep routine but you can if you think you can. Therefore, if you get enough sleep well at the proper time, your mind functions more. Likewise, the importance of sleep time, there is another important thing; sleeping time and routine. Nowadays, people have started working at night and sleeping during day time, which has profound detrimental effects on their health.

You would be able to complete the task at night time, but ultimately this would leave bad effects on your health.


clock bed sleeping woman morning


The body releases specific hormones at night, i.e., when there is no light in our environment, and in the day when there is light around us but sleeping in day time disturbs circadian rhythms and vice versa. Sleeping at night releases repair hormones naturally which repair the body systems to function properly; when you don't follow this natural system, your body and brain power start to reduce.   


📌 Limit Screen Time


Screen usage has increased in the 21st century, and every person has a smartphone. According to a study, the presence of mobile phones reduces cognitive functions and hence reduces your brain power.

Most students search how to increase concentration in studies, learn to fulfil your potential by training your brain to maintain laser-like focus and concentration and avoid screens and cutting down its extra usage.

Technology has put the world at our fingertips; mobile phones have improved communication, information, and improvement of social welfare means. At the same time, each adult has a phone, and the urge to check their phone costs cognitive functions and lessens concentration of students in studies and the workplace.

So, try to place your phone aside while working and it will give you vision for the future.

In short, don't use the screen one hour before sleeping and one hour after waking up.


📌 Give Your Brain a Boost With Healthy Diet


high angle view of a group of food with high levels of Omega-3 fat


Diet shapes our body and mind because we are what to eat. It gives nutrition to our brain to grow; otherwise, if we don't pay attention to the diet, our brain cells start deteriorating, and once brain cells die, there is no other way back to recover them so stick to your diet. Healthy diet answers how to increase willpower.


📌 Foods to Eat


The brain foods which sharpen the brain are;


⚫ Fatty Fish

Fish is the major source of omega-3 fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids, decreasing the brain's beta-amyloid proteins. Beta-amyloid proteins form clumps in the brain, which break the new connections between the nerve cells. So try having fatty fish at least once a week. If you are allergic to fish, use omega-3 supplements because this is an essential fat; the body cannot form this acid; so it is compulsory to consume it.

Omega-3 slows age-related cognitive decline and impairments such as alzheimer's disease, memory loss and dementia because it increases the gray matter area of the brain, the main part that plays a role in memory.


Limitless Labs


⚫ Walnuts

Almonds and walnuts are major sources of proteins and fats for healthy brain functioning. Walnuts are sources of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an omega-3 fatty acid, which reduces high blood pressure and prevents the clumping of lipoproteins in the arteries. So they are good for the brain as well as the heart.

On the flip side, nuts contain vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties. It fights against free radicals and keeps brain cells alive.


⚫ Green Leafy Vegetables 

Vegetables such as spinach, kale, and broccoli are major sources of folic acid, beta-carotene, and vitamin K. These all help boost brainpower and cognitive abilities and functions. Vitamin k is essential in forming sphingolipids, a dense fat in brain cells. These vegetables are rich sources of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds which prevent new brain cells from being damaged.


📌 Foods to Avoid


Similarly, stop the wrong food types, some foods that diminish your mental abilities are:


⚫ Energy Drinks 

Energy drinks are sugary drinks that lessen your ability to regulate insulin levels, leading to obesity which is the root cause of all diseases. These drinks impose oxidative stress on your body and impair brain functions such as depression and anxiety issues.


⚫ Trans Fats

Trans fats increase the LDL cholesterol level and lower HDL cholesterol. HDLs are good for health, so decreasing their level means a high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Type 2 diabetes is more likely to occur in those persons who eat trans fats, cookies, baked products, cakes, fried fast food, and non-dairy coffee creamers.


📌 Exercise and Sharpen Your Mind


Physical activity and exercise is as important as mental workouts because regular exercise increases blood flow in the body, and more efficiently, oxygen and nutrients are supplied to the blood, help your brain and boost your exercise motivation.


Jumping Rope Brain illustration


Exercises that increase brain power are:


⚫ Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises expand your lungs, enabling you to get more oxygen intake to supply to your body. Physical exercise sustains your body and contributes to growth by boosting the number of blood vessels. Aerobic exercise such as running, cycling, skipping, and swimming increase brain volume and lessens the chances of brain muscle atrophy.


📌 Ways to Boost With Dance and Music


A recent study reveals simple ways to boost your brain with random noises that increase brain power. Albert Einstein used to play violin and piano in public. Research shows that almost all Nobel laureates were engaged in artistic activities.

Dance and music require coordination between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and this activity is a full brain capacity mental workout. If you start playing music, you will feel palpable, and it will shift the brain to positivity.


Stylish sportive girl dancing hip hop in stylish clothes on colorful background at dance hall in neon light


📌 Enhance Mental Brain Power Workout


The physical workout is essential in increasing brain power, but execution of mental workout leads to outstanding results.

So are you foreseeing mind workout activities? Let me tell you.


⚫ Learning Something 

Learning is an important slice to increase brain power. Learning increases your memory, intuition, and IQ levels. Learning can be anything like a new word, skill, etc. When you learn something, the mind develops a new wrinkle, brain functioning improves, and you become a polymath. Learning can be in the form of cooking, baking, calligraphy, photography, and much more.


New Language

A new language is the best example of a brain workout. Learning a new language is wholly a new skill and experience and a novel phenomenon for the brain. It reinvents your mind from scratch and boosts your brain power. Make the most of your mind and accelerate your language learning.


ZEN 12 brainwave audio
ZEN 12 brainwave audio


⚫ Puzzle Solving 

Puzzles and playing mind games such as chess leads to increased brain power because you start thinking, which nourishes your mind and develops your intellectual powers. Moreover, these activities improve your focus.


Book Reading

Reading a page of a book gives immense energy to your brain. So try reading different books and unleash the wonders of knowledge. Read quotes too because the power of positive quotes is enormous for brain exercises.


📌 Boost and Sharpen Your Creativity Skills


Power of solving a problem improve your memory and confidence when you practice creativity, become a highly creative problem solver and brainstormerCreativity in terms of technology keeps your mental juices flowing. There is so much more in technological development, i.e., the coding process lets you think out of the box. So be creative in your life because it has an innate effect on your body, and results intensify when you start practicing and get training.

Brain power icon stock illustration Strong brain

Start creativity in your life today, and you will cherish creatively produced things in everyday life. Creativity connects things. For example, when you observe something, it stays in your subconscious mind, and when you try to do the same thing, you will automatically exploit that idea and maybe improve it; that's what creativity is. It's not about creating novel things; but already existing materials get improvisations daily through human’s creativity.

Creativity includes process and pleasure; humans need to be creative; that's how human life and mind evolved. Discover interesting tips to unleash your creativity and innovation.

The scientists concurred that creativity gives you a mental boost. The steps involved in creativity are:

● Discover

● Create

● Implement

● Deliver

Could unleashing your creativity and innovation be the key to success?


 📌 Explore More


 travel guide and her group on the bicycles through the town


Investigating and exploring the world's wonders are important in boosting brain power, hence important criteria for a successful career. Most people work from home and spend all day lying in bed, some play chess others take a nap; be active, and get some sunlight in a day. Plus visiting other cities and countries increases the psychology of positivity, brain power and enhances your knowledge, learning and memory.


✅ Discussion


The brain is the chief organ of the human body as it controls all of our processes. The brain directs the movements and controls all kinds of emotions, feelings, and homeostatic mechanisms. It processes and stores memory, and above all, it directs the different ways of our life. It's crucial to adore it, take care of it and boost it to enjoy a meaningful life by considering the importance of the brain and its functions,

Follow the above points to unleash the magic of thinking big, and you will see the results.


✅ Bottom Line


Paying attention to your brain function improves brain activity and brain health and increases the brain power to its full potential, i.e., better memory, concentration, focus, cognitive skills, and more. So keep your brain in peak working condition to enjoy a wholesome life.

Care for your brain increase your brain power, care for yourself!








By Fiza Ali




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