5 Ways To Unlock Full Potential: Start Over And Reinvent Yourself


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5 Ways To Unlock Full Potential: Start Over And Reinvent Yourself



Since the evolution of mankind, the human brain progressed faster, the gray matter of the brain evolved, and it shaped humans superior to all other species.

The human brain has 2.5 million gigabytes of storage capacity and controls all voluntary and involuntary actions of the body.

The information shows the brain is responsible for higher cognition in humans; all our potential lies in our brain and is the major processor of our potential.

The human brain reaches maximum development at 25 years of age. A human person only uses 10-20% of his brain. You are also one of them or may be using less than this. But do you know how to reach your potential?

If NO, let me tell you 5 ways to unlock your potential.

It's time to stay ahead of the game, start over and reinvent yourself. Be a new person and touch heights of self-actualization by tapping your untouched potential.


✅ The Top 5 Ways to Reinvent Yourself and Unlock Your Full Potential Are:


Choosing the key to success from hanging keys concept for aspirations, achievement and incentive



📌 Find a Mentor


A mentor is a person who guides and leads you on the right path to success. Having a mentor in life is a gold mine- find yourself a guru who will let you achieve your potential and lead you on a new path of achievements.

Be careful while choosing a mentor; he should be an active listener, provider, and must be accessible and humble as these qualities of a coach will take you to the heights of success and help you move forward.


Subliminal Guru


Listen to him and act upon his advice because a mentor always gives you a spirit to achieve something in life. So, mentoring is important to unlock your potential and start over again.

Mentoring would help only if you are also responsible and committed towards him. Moreover, respect his personal life and his routine. Be a mature disciple and choose a mentor wisely.


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Mentors play an important role in your whole life. You have more than one mentor in your life; some are accessible to you, and some are not.

For example, some mentors are accessible, and you can directly see them, share your troubles and insecurities, and ask for their guidance. At the same time, there are inaccessible and indirect mentors; you can not see them in person, but they guide you and give you the right direction, i.e. in the form of books, podcasts, audios, videos etc.

Always be on guard while choosing a mentor; they are the light of your life. So act upon his passion and guidance in times when you feel stuck and it will lead your life to success by starting over again. Moreover, they will unleash completely new answers on who you want to become in every area of your life. Make small changes and learn how to make your life better and easier with self-love.

How to get over the hump of self-loathing, read more: How to learn to love yourself in 7 ways.


📌 Want to Change


Are you eager-beaver to make a change?

If you are open to changing yourself, you are one small step closer to reinvention.

Change is constant in the universe; everything around us experiences changes, i.e. from dawn to dusk, from summer to winter, from autumn to spring, from sleep to wakefulness and more. So, change your habits change your life.


A keyhole in the concrete wall. A businessman dressed in formal suit is looking at New York City in the hole.


Only after swapping a form, new things start over. So, you have to be open to change lifestyle, it will reinvent yourself in may ways which are:


● Change in Daily Routine

If you are a night owl, be an early bird to unlock your potential. This experience will let you surpass the world's wonders because the human body can perform better during the day rather than at night.


● Change in Habit

Changing any bad habit will restart your life. For example, if you are addicted to smoking or alcohol, stop it right now, make your mind quit it and experience new zeal in yourself. So you know cigarettes are bad for you and you've tried really hard to quit smoking. Now what?

● Change in Thoughts 

Thoughts have a major impact on your health and energy; if you have the quik to think passive, abandon these kind of thoughts otherwise this will become your habit, and it would be difficult to escape your comfort zone.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, be optimistic, and fill yourself with happy, and positive vibes. It will also leave a good impact on your relations and the people you meet in life.


● Change in Actions

Last but not least, kick your bad and disrespectful actions. Start respecting your elders and be more polite, courteous, compassionate and kind. These gestures will pour a sense of joy into yourself, and you will start unlocking your positivity and potential.


📌 Recognize Your Powers


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Do you know what gets in the way of you using your full potential at work?

It is your aloofness at work because you are uninterested. unaware of your powers and don't know your talent; that's why it is advised to recognize your powers. It will let you know how to make life easier by developing interest in work.

You can note your power and potential by analyzing yourself. Don't follow the crowd and analyze which areas you are good at and what are your inborn powers so you can polish them and conquer the world. Upgrade your skills for work and you can really get to work on how you handle different aspects of working life.

Get your head around recognizing your powers by adapting following ways; otherwise, they will dissipate with time.


Limitless Labs


● Speak Up 

Come out of your shell and recognize your powers by speaking up with friends and family in public. It will let you know your thoughts regarding an issue or project and how you can handle it. This process starts at home; always speak your thoughts openly in family gatherings, school, college, and offices. It will lead you on a beautiful journey of recognizing your potential. Maybe your surrounding people will recognize them and push you to achieve  them.


● Overcome your Fears

Acknowledge your potential keep moving forward and overcome your fears to reinvent yourself. A wimp always pushes himself back and does not let him experience most of the objects. So, sum up your courage, don't let your fears push you back because success awaits you to overcome your fear.


● Write a lot

Writing your ideas and thoughts is a powerful tool to manage things and to make life easier. It helps you unleash your creativity, and unlock your potential.


● Growth Mindset

The growth mindset of a person always enables him to learn something new viz skills, language etc. Stick to your guns, train your brain and unlock your potential one after the other in life. 

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📌 Be Creative


Creativity is the utmost weapon to unleash your potential. A mind without creativity is useless and starts deteriorating. Be creative in all areas of life, and it will give a spark to your happy life. You can enhance your creativity with the following trends. 


● Challenge Yourself

When you challenge yourself, you learn something new, try to invent something, and all this comes with creativity. Creativity at home, work, and relationships lead a joyous life. Enhance your creativity by challenging yourself one day at a time; it will uplift you to stay relevant.


● Learn as many Skills as Possible

Learning is a lifelong process; doesn't matter your age, experience or expertise, always be open to learn more and more, find an avenue to learn and practice it in your real life. Get your unconscious mind aligned with your learning goals, this will spark up your creativity and will release your potential. Learning new skills deploy the less used parts of the brain, so they remain fresh.


● Find Ways to Improve your Skills

There is always up-gradation i.e., gadgets get updated, and technology is evolving faster, so keep yourself up-to-date about the recent knowledge and advances. Rebuilding your life to improve your skills demonstrates your mental agility.

Find more tips to unleash your creativity and innovation: The sky's the limit!


illustration of man reflecting himself in the mirror, loop surreal concept


📌 Avoid Shortcuts 


Shortcuts lock your potential to think, discover and execute new ideas. Being a lad, looking for shortcuts to get rid of delayed projects is always tempting. Shortcuts are an artificial choice because shortcuts lead to short-term safety from work etc.

Shortcuts have many forms, i.e., not following the proper instructions, rushing to complete the task, and not implementing the guidelines. Try to escape the stressful habit of always being in a rush.

The major reasons to avoid shortcuts in life are:


● Show Value

Always prefer value and quality over time. It takes a long time to implement new ideas and execution of plans, but when you show true value, you succeed in the long run.


● Develops Understanding

Avoiding shortcuts develops a sense of understanding in any area of life, improving your relationships and giving you knowledge and vision.


● Experience Reality 

Avoiding shortcuts gives you a real experience and increases your potential to work anywhere. Embrace failures overcome fear of failure, and believe me, nothing beats the real experience.


A person standing in front of three arrows showing different ways.


However, there are many ways to avoid shortcuts which are:

● Don't rush yourself. Always take time, plan, and execute a layout to perform the task efficiently. Focus on the big picture and avoid low hanging fruits.

● Keep in mind that shortcuts in life cost you, your workplace, home, outside, etc., resulting in negative effects on your mind and energy. Practice discipline and see the outcomes.

● Don't get pressured because most people have an innate ability to self-impose pressures. Evaluate yourself and your habits, and dig your heels in consistency; take time and complete your task accordingly. To earn bucks, you must be patient and start learning from the bottom.


brainwave shots
brainwave shots


● Pre-planning avoids the urge to take shortcuts, so make sure neither you are influenced by others nor yourself to take shortcuts in life.

● Be honest with yourself see things more clearly and develop positive change in your life. However, avoiding shortcuts doesn't mean not making smarter and quick decisions.


✅ Discussion


Hand holds a key on the background of a sunny sunset.


Have you ever wondered that all of the discoveries and achievements in the world are due to unlocking the amazing brains of humans? The ability to change our game is within our will. 

We can hack our brains to realize our potential directly. Unlocking our potential will help us become a great leader, relationship master and successful entrepreneur.

But do you know our brain avoids hectic and dynamic situations and craves tranquility?

So what can we do?

Upwiring To understand the phenomenon of upwiring, first, understand livewiring. Livewire is the process of our neurons in which our neurons get a chance to live or die, and each neuron is responsible for reforming you. This is livewiring.

If we harness the wiring process in a directed way, it will lead to upwiring.

So take control of your doings and be answerable to your responses.


✅ Bottom Line 


In this technological world, advancements have taken the lead, and robots have started taking decisions. But who is developing robots? It's You, start unlocking your hidden potentials to contribute to the world.

The above 5 ways answer how to become a better version of yourself. It would help you unlock your potential, and enhance your abilities to stay agile, start over and reinvent yourself, it's never too late it's time for a change.


Follow them. 








By Fiza Ali








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